20 Electric vehicles by Volkswagen in China

electric vehicles by volkswagenElectric Vehicles by Volkswagen in China are expected to cross 20 models in the next few years. VW plans to provide pure electric vehicle as well as plug in hybrids in small cars to large SUV’s.

“In the near future, Volkswagen will be offering Chinese drivers over 20 NEVs, from small cars to large-sized SUVs, from plug-in hybrids to pure electric cars,” Jochem Heizmann, head of Volkswagen Group China, said.

BMW, Tesla Motors and Nissan Motor co are the top selling Electric car manufacturers in China. Volkswagen aims to provide electric models through Volkswagen and its associated brands by locally producing them in China. Beijing has set an aggressive target of putting 5 million green vehicles on Chinese roads by 2020 and huge incentive plans tighter fuel efficiency and emission norms.

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