2014 Mercedes Benz S Class clocks 1,00,000 sales in 1 year

Mercesdes Benz S Class

Mercedes Benz S Class Milestone Sales

Mercedes Benz S Class, the W-222 regarded as the time machine has been a cash cow for the last one year by racking up more than 100000 sales worldwide in just one year. This huge milestone has been one of the best sales figures by any s class in the first year of its launch. The new S class will be available in various body styles namely – S Class Coupe, Convertible, Long-wheelbase and Pullman, the sales are expected to follow the northward trend for a longer time.

Sales Figures

The S Class w-222 officially unveiled in may 2013 has been racking up major sales from – Germany, China and The United States Of America. China is the largest and the youngest market for the S Class with almost one out of two S Class lands there. Since the Start of the year Mercedes has sold 75,391 S class twice the number of sales in the same period a year ago. The previous S Class sales figure topped 500000 unit sales during its time in the market. USA market is on the second place in terms of demand, with a quarter of over all production. Germany is the third largest market accounting for one out of ten sales.

The combination of high quality, exemplary efficiency and a host of innovative assistance and safety systems delights customers more than any other brand offering and the sales figures acknowledge the fact more than any other thing. The model has been a benchmark of automotive engineering for the last 60 years and has been the same for the 2014 model as well.

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