Comparison – Ford Ecosport – Fiat Avventura – Etios Cross – VW Cross Polo

Ford Ecosport vs Avventura vs Cross Polo vs Etios Cross

Ford Ecosport vs avventura










We dig deep today to Compare the newly flooded crossover vehicles in India mainly the Ecosport, Avventura, Etios cross and the German Cross Polo.

From half hearted feel to turn the already established hatchbacks to cross over alike models, manufacturers like Toyota and VW with their etios and polo based cross version can be just be called as hatchback versions with basic plastic cladding. Then the other vehicle that was a huge hit because of its proper utility vehicle feel by ford – The Ecosport, and then the newest entrant in this segment the avventura by Fiat which is a good effort to turn a hatchback into a proper cross over like urban vehicle with an increased ground clearence of 205 mm (ecosport 200 mm and punto evo 195 mm) and a tail mounted wheel. But is to be noted that it is still not a proper compact urban vehicle like the ecosport. Ecosport still gives a good crossover feeling and a better than fiat service experience in India. Calling a cross polo and etios cross as a crossover urban commuting vehicle will be a big injustice to the segment. Avventura might not be a big sales leader but would serve the niche segment well.

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