Toyota tops global vehicle sales

Toyota logoToyota tops global vehicle sales in the first nine months of 2014. Sales for Toyota motor corp topped at 7.615 million vehicles, up by 3% over the last year.  Toyota had a lead over the sales of Volkswagen (7.40 million) and General Motors (7.372 million) .



Toyota tops global vehicle sales


Toyota was the largest automobile manufacturer last year with sales figure of 9.98 million vehicles followed by GM and VW. The three automobile manufacturers have been competing fiercely not only in developed markets but also in emerging markets like China and Rest of Asia. Volkswagen has given an estimated sales prediction of 10 million units this year. Toyota has been leading the charts since 2008 prior to which GM was the leader. GM happened to regain in 2011 when Toyota’s production was hit by earthquake and tsunami.

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