Worlds first Super Sonic car

Worlds first ever suSuper sonic carper sonic car breached the 500 MPH speed record. It is the Bloodhound Supersonic car that is the first of its kind in the world has exceeded the 500 MPH, roughly 804 Kmph speed.

The cockpit of Bloodhound SSC — the most advanced fusion of space, aeronautical and Formula 1 engineering ever attempted. At full speed the Super Sonic Car will cover a mile in 3.6 seconds.

Bloodhound SSC is currently being assembled at the Technical Centre in Bristol, UK. Its goal is to attain 1000 miles per hour speed (1609 kmph). It is a pencil shaped car with a jet engine bound for a museum was donated to the project, coupled with a bespoke rocket and an F1 V8 2.4 litre petrol engine.36 inch wheels will rotate at 10,200 rpm forged with solid aluminum on this Super Sonic car.

Testing is scheduled to take place in 2015 and the company has decided to test it at Hakskeen Pan in South Africa. A track has been cleared here which is 12 mile long and 2 mile wide. The college of engineering at Swansea university has been involved in the aerodynamic shape.  The previous world land speed record is held by Thrust SSC at 763 miles peer hour,there by breaking the sound barrier.

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