Jaguar Land Rover Previews Transparent Pillar and Ghost Car Navigation System

Jaguar Land Rover Augmented Realty concpetsJaguar Land Rover, has announced an update to its previous augmented reality research concept with the new “360 Virtual Urban Windscreen”. This will offer drivers a 360 degree view out of their vehicle, without any sort of interruption.

Cars A, B and C pillars would be have cameras mounted in the surface and embedded screens that would display video feed on what’s behind each pillar. These screens will automatically turn on when the driver indicates to change direction, when they move their head to look over their shoulder during an overtake man oeuvre, or as the vehicle approaches a junction, the system would automatically make the left or right-hand side pillars transparent and any the movement and this will take place will be highlighted to the driver across the car’s virtual windscreen.

The second concept under test is ‘Follow-Me Ghost Car Navigation’ an augmented realty on the windshield. It projects an image of a vehicle in front of the driver’s car for them to follow, turn by turn, to their destination. No timeline has been specified by Jaguar Land Rover as to when this technology will make it into production.

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