Auto Expo 2018: Yamaha MOTOROiD Autonomous Bike Showcased

Yamaha MOTOROiDOff all the concepts displayed at the Auto Expo 2018, Yamaha MOTOROiD, the self balancing autonomous bike was the most outstanding of all. No doubt, if we call it a show stopper.

Yamaha’s product development team came up with the MOTOROiD product as a result of developing a new-generation motorcycle with cutting edge technology. Yamaha MOTOROiD is a self-balancing motorbike that can adjust its seat girders according to the rider, project a floating augmented display in front of the rider, and go about autonomously. It uses its onboard computer and cameras to recognise the person ahead, switch it on, balance itself on its two wheels, come forward, stop and go back with just hand gestures.

Yamaha intends to target the product as a mobility solution and not just a mode of transport, something that creates new value for its customers.

Yamaha’s product team gave a detailed demonstration in front of the audiences of the technological marvel, how it accepts gesture control to go front and back. The team was able to showcase the self balancing feature where the autonomous bike was pushed hard, but was able to balance itself without falling. The smart bike is capable of sensing its own centre of gravity automatically and hence, remains upright. Yamaha MOTOROiD advance balance control system, moves to the upright position by means of changing its centre of gravity and maintains its position.

Yamaha MOTOROiDPowered by Li-ion batteries and to reduce losses, the hub motor has been placed on the rear wheel itself. MOTOROiD gets a sporty character with racing slicks. Yamaha states that artificial intelligence along with autonomous technology takes the interaction between the bike and the driver to the next level.

Yamaha MOTOROiD is a concept-validation-experiment EV model aiming at personal mobility that people and machines resonate. Autonomous technology is gaining its importance at a very fast pace in the four wheel segment and it seems that Yamaha has succeeded in implementing the same in the two wheel segment. We might not be able to ride it yet, but it surely creates a new exciting experience based on motional value.


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