Know Why Spinny is The Best Place to Buy Used Cars


When buying used cars, one of the most common concerns for any buyer is the seller’s authenticity. Unfortunately, there’s a common misconception that a used car seller will set them up with one in poor condition, and they will have to incur a huge loss. However, this is rarely the case. 

With an increase in the demand for used cars in Hyderabad, Kolkata and other cities in India, more and more certified dealers have cropped up to make this an easier affair. So, as long as you buy your used car from certified dealers like Spinny, you can rest assured that you are getting the best deal possible.

Spinny is one of the top car dealers in India that buys and sells used cars in Hyderabad, Mumbai and many other Indian cities. With its strong belief in absolute transparency with every customer, you are always in the know about every detail. Their collections include many options for you to choose from and are available at completely reasonable prices. Spinny is easily one of the best places to buy used cars, and here’s why:

  • 5-Day Money-Back Guarantee: It is well understood that even after loving a car, at first sight, you can change your mind after spending some one on one time with it. If this happens to you, you need not worry! Spinny’s policies allow you a 5-day window post-purchase of your car, in case you want to return it. Spinny’s executives will come to pick up the car, and 100% of your money would be given back, no questions asked.
  • Free Home Test Drive: Due to Covid-19 restrictions, you can’t go to the branch office for a test drive. Even then, to keep the experience as authentic as possible, Spinny is offering free home test drives. Their executives will bring the car to the provided location, carefully following all safety procedures to have your test drive.
  • Spinny Assured Buyback: Sometimes, after buying a used car, you get an urge to update it after a while. You can do this without any worries with Spinny. The Spinny Buyback offer features an assured resale value for your car available at 6, 12 and 18 months duration from the purchase. Talk about value for money deals.
  • 200 Points Inspection: Doing the maximum to assure you of the car’s condition, they undergo a thorough 200 point checklist that analyses the exterior, interior and underbody of the car. The full report for any car is available for you to download under the car’s page on their website.
  • Fixed Price Assurance: The prices are an essential matter with any buyer, and when it’s about a car, absolute precision is crucial. Spinny calculates its prices through thorough market analysis and price comparisons to give you the best possible fixed price for every car.

Spinny takes the above-mentioned measures to ensure that you have a convenient experience and are happy with your purchase. So, opt for Spinny to make most of your car buying experience with complete transparency.


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