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Thousands of new users stumble upon our automobile website every day. Pricing for advertising and sponsored posts are as defined –


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We have various positions on our website to place your banners, which will be backlinked to your company websites. Paid articles & Interviews will be carried at special rates.
Price – USD 100 for a month Price – $70/INR 5000 per article


Paid/Sponsored/Guest Post Terms
If you or someone you know is having a strong automobile related viewpoint, scoop, inside news or any review, then you can just pen it down and submit it to us. Your viewpoint will be published and shared. Want to pitch in? Here’s how:

Rules are really simple

  • Do not post images of any vehicles with their number plate visible if it is about someone’s private vehicle. Strike it out! It’s easy! Or just tell us if you can’t!
  • Use proper English, no SMS language
  • Do not abuse or use foul language
  • For any marketing/promotion/sponsored post please mail us with your requirement at
  • Proper paragraphs to be used, to give a structure to your article. Why focus on the structure? It makes it easier for the audience to understand
  • Articles less than 350 words are bound to be rejected
  • Use at least five images for the article to make it more meaningful
  • No Politics at all!
  • No backlinks to any useless site would be accepted
  • Due credits will be given
  • The articles submitted to be purely based on automobiles only!
  • Articles once submitted will be moderated and approved before submission
  • No articles would be accepted which infringe the copyright law. So do not copy any images which have a copyright linked to them
  • Articles should not be a copy from other sites. Such articles would be rejected!

We follow these steps for Article Submission

  • You can share article proposal at
  • We will revert back if it is suitable for our readers
  • Once the article is shared with us, it undergoes quality test by my team
  • If it qualifies, quality test, it gets Published
  • We publish only after the total amount is paid

How to submit?

Write the article/news/review/anything related to automobiles in a plain word file (Microsoft Word). Gather all the relevant images or videos. All the files including the word file to be zipped and sent to with subject line – ‘Sponsored Post – Automobile’