National Speed Limits now set for a maximum of 100 km/hour

Times of India has reported that national speed limits have come into effect after 25 years from the previous regulation. These new regulations have been made keeping in mind the improved road infrastructure in India. maximum speed limits have been set up for different class of vehicles.

Passenger vehicles with a seating capacity of 8 or less can now travel at a maximum speed of 100 km/hour, on the other hand he passenger vehicles with a seating capacity of 9 or more are allowed to a maximum of 80 km/hour. Commercial trucks and buses are allowed a legal maximum limit of 80 km/hour and the new segment quadracycles are allowed 70 km/hour according to the new regulations. These are the national speed limits for the country, however local civic bodies are allowed to set their own speed limits keeping in mind the safety aspects of the region.

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