Audi India recalls Q7 SUV

Audi India recalls Q7 SUVAudi India recalls Q7 SUV in India due to brake system flaw. A total of 382 units have been recalled. The company claims that it is a part of global recall under which it recalled 70000 units of A4, A6, A7, Q5 and Q7 to replace vacuum line in brake system. Only the 3.0 liter Q7 SUV manufactured between March and December 2012 are a part of recall.

Dealers across India will directly contact the 382 owners for the replacement which is expected to take Half an Hour. Audi claims that 197 vehicles have already under gone the scheduled replacement without any charge to the owner. Dealers will inspect the vacuum line with the non-return valve for possible leakage of engine oil and replace the vacuum line in case any leakage is detected. In case of any damage to the brake booster is also detected other parts are also expected to be changed.

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Source - Economic Times
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