BMW makes fun of Tesla with ‘Wait or Ride’ Campaign

Waiting for Tesla AdWith umpteen number of bookings and late deliveries for the Tesla’s electrified options, has raised questions as to how the company would reach its goals to deliver Model 3 to the aspirants who gave up a grand to book it. Just to recap, Model 3 was unveiled in April 2016 which has garnered roughly 3,70,000 bookings, with deliveries slated not before 2017

Banking upon the cash crisis Tesla is undergoing, BMW came up with a prodigious campaign ‘Wait or Ride’. The two videos take a jibe at customers who are waiting to get their electric only models by Tesla to reach their driveway and are dispirited. Not only BMW, but all major automobile manufacturers are magnifying their efforts on electric offerings, but BMW tried to make fun of Tesla to sell its plug in Hybrid 330e which goes 14 miles on electric.

Video 1 – The ‘Waiting’ Ad

First of the two videos, shows a man who waits to fill up his empty driveway with his electric option presumably Model 3 (without naming it), while his neighbors got a 330e plug in Hybrid  enjoying the mere 14 miles that it provides on one charge. What goes inside the video is a message – “You can do do your taxes,” the narrator says. “Twice. Maybe more. You will ring in the New Year. Twice. Maybe more. You will wait, and wait, and wait some more. All before that electric car company’s new model even arrives.” Even a child could understand which company is being referred to.

Video 2 – ‘Wait or Ride’

In the second video, a lady passes by a supercharger for Tesla in a deserted parking lot while leaving from work, and then arrives at her 330e and drives away. The message conveys – “You can wait or you can drive’


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