India Baja 2017 – ‘Positive Bouleversement’ in Indian Motorsports

India Baja 2017“There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.” These words by Jim Morrison stand true to Indian Motorsports as well. Motorsports as a word ceased to exist in India until our own F1 track, Buddha International Circuit came into being. Even though F1 took an exit from India, BIC can be seen as a revolution in itself.

It is now time to see another revolution, thanks to Northern Motorsports, expect the motorsports exposure to jump northward. Northern Motorsports has marshalled some of the best off-roading events like Rally-Desert Storm, National Autocross Championship, Summer Sprint and India Baja. India Baja 2017 in its second avatar this year has latched to be official Dakar Rally challenge. The Amaury Sport Organization (ASO), accredited India Baja 2017 as a round of Dakar Race. The title-holder of India Baja 2017 would come through as a direct entrant to Dakar Rally and The Merzouga Rally in Morocco. 

The second edition of India Baja, beyond a shadow of a doubt will put India into global motorsports. The cross country rally is scheduled on the outskirts of Jaisalmer in April, with a total of 70 contestants, bequeath to test their riding skills, endurance, vehicle preparedness and strategy against the best global standards.

With abominable regulations, safety standards and draconian administration, this 430 km long rally will be conducted in 6 stages across two legs at temperatures more than 40 degrees, will undoubtedly be notorious and treacherous. Over 70 competitors firmly established their participation in this gruesome rally, including Hero Motosports Team Rally and TVS Racing. Hero Motorsports to be represented by Portuguese Joaquim Rodrigues (Finished 12th, Dakar Rally, 2016) and Adrien Metge (Finished, 22, Dakar Rally 2016) to represent TVS Racing team. Arvind K P and National Rally Champions R. Nataraj and Abdul Vahid Tanveer are expected to stand tall at India Baja 2017.

C S Santosh, the only Indian to finish the Dakar Rally twice and the winner of inaugural India Baja event in 2016 acts as the brand ambassador of the rally. He has done a phenomenal work in representing the country in such global sporting events and India Baja 2017 is here to bring India’s young talent forward with challenging and globally established standards.


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