Harley Davidson Street Rod Review

Harley Davidson Street Rod Profile frontEntry points are sought by almost all the vehicle makers. It may be that automakers may have a reputation to live up to. However, there is no denying that these points are the in-thing. Mercedes did it with the A-Class for the hatchback segment, BMW did it with the G 310R for the sub 500cc segment whereas Harley-Davidson has done it with the Street 500 and 750 models. The latter is the one we get in India. We’re made to understand that the Street 750 was the chosen one because the 500 may work out to be too under-powered for a Harley. However, the Street 750 isn’t without its faults and customers complained about the lack of ABS, enough stopping power as well as a stiff ride quality. Harley remedied it by launching a new variant, the Street Rod. Dig in to know more details about Harley Davidson Street Rod.

Harley Davidson Street Rod Design

Harley Davidson Street Rod side

The Harley Davidson Street Rod shares its design with the Street 750. However, there are changes like the bigger cowl, upside down front forks, dual discs in the front, new foot pegs, thickly padded seats and gas charged rear shockers. We like the way the rear shockers have a red tinge to them. Overall, the bike looks much much better than the Street 750. A few Harley dealerships we spoke to, said that more and more customers now are opting for the Street Rod because of these updates. The instrument cluster is a simple affair and has two trip meters, a clock, rpm as well as gear indicator. All of this is displayed in a small digital display. The speedo is an analogue unit though.

Mirrors of the Harley Davidson Street Rod are small but you get to see pretty much everything at the back. Speaking of which, it is a LED unit here while the headlight makes do with a halogen bulb. The handlebar has the engine kill switch as well as thumb starter on the right while the left has the indicator switch, upper-dipper and horn. There is no pass light option. A fuel gauge is missing too but a low fuel indicator is available.

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Harley Davidson Street Rod Engine and Transmission

Harley Davidson Street Rod Engine

It will be a common thought that the Harley Davidson Street Rod should have the same engine as the donor motorcycle. It does have the twin-cylinder Revolution X motor. However, it has been re-tuned. Compression is up and both horsepower as well as torque have increased. It is a common practice where the horsepower numbers aren’t disclosed by Harley. However, torque is rated at 62Nm. The gearbox is still a sleek shifting 6-speed unit. Clutch spring however is harder and a slip and assist unit will definitely be appreciated here.

In our test, the Harley Davidson Street Rod returned 13kmpl in the city and 18.7kmpl on the highway. The fuel tank has a capacity of 12 litres. Acceleration from the motorcycle is pretty strong. It’s engine is tractable, however if you happen to trundle at 30kmph in third gear, there is some kind of protest from the motor. Vibrations are almost non-existent. We definitely would have preferred a better sounding exhaust though. The stock units don’t have enough bass.

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Harley Davidson Street Rod Ride and Handling

Harley Davidson Street Rod handling

The ground clearance of the Harley Davidson Street Rod is 205mm. This means speed-breakers aren’t an issue at all with this motorcycle. Stays true with even two on-board. Speaking of which, the seat is soft, however, it does cause an aching butt over long distances. The pillion has nothing to latch on to. If the rider were to accelerate with gusto, chances are that the pillion will slide off. The heat generated from the motorcycle is also way too much. It can become uncomfortable even on the highway.

Seating position on the Harley Davidson Street Rod is more suited for shorter riders. The brakes in the meanwhile are powerful than the stock Street 750. However, after repeated use, they tend to fade. ABS is offered as standard and is a solace.

Cornering is easy on this Harley, however the riding position which is an amalgamation of sporty, cruiser and commuter, is confusing. In this effect, it can prove uncomfortable on long journeys. Ride quality is stiff and remains the same even when two up. However, one can dial the rear shock absorbers which are adjustable. This may help soften the ride quality.

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Harley Davidson Street Rod Verdict

The Harley Davidson Street Rod is priced at Rs 6.62 lakh ex-showroom, Mumbai. The on-road price is around a lakh more and this is stepping in to the Triumph Bonneville territory. The very capable GSX-750 too is within an earshot from there. The Harley Davidson Street Rod is a good entry level motorcycle for Harley aficionados. However, a true enthusiast may choose to go for other motorcycles. Buy the Harley only if you like the brand or are of a shorter stature. Otherwise, Triumph, Ducati and Kawasaki are well within sights.


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