Tire Safety is Important to Prevent Accidents

Tire Safety - Tyre safetyNot many people know that a majority of the accidents occur due to poor car tires. These tires do not give good grip on the road, and hence, they do not give great braking and accidents takes place. It could even be that the air pressure in the tire could be wrong or the tires are not properly balanced, these factors make the car veer off course and cause the accident. But with following just a few tips for tire safety you can make your journey safe and comfortable and make your tires last longer.


Tire Safety Tips

These are just a few basic tips that will keep the tires safe and perform at their optimum efficiency First thing you can do is that while driving, do not accelerate and brake heavily. This simple thing is one of the biggest reasons why tires get damaged so fast. When you accelerate heavily, the car does not move ahead immediately. The tires spin in the same place for just a few milliseconds. The friction and the heat that is generated damages the rubber of the tire and the tread of the tires. When you brake all of a sudden, the car stops, but not in the same place, the car skids ahead a little bit and the skidding action creates friction between the tire and the road. Therefore, avoid getting into situations where you might have to accelerate or brake heavily, just follow this tip and your tires will remain good.

Tire Safety - Tyre safetyKeep the air pressure in your tire at the correct levels. The tip may seem small but it is extremely important. Keeping the air in the tires at correct level prevents it from getting punctured. If the air is less it gives less control over the car while driving and there are chances of the car going out of control. Therefore, every time you go to the petrol station, you can also get the air pressure checked. It is as easy as that. Plus, when the pressure is right, the car also consumes less fuel than usual.

Tire Safety - Tyre safetyNext is to get the tires balanced from time to time. Once in a while, make some time to get your tires balanced. After a certain amount of time of usage, the tires develop heavy spots; these spots can be corrected by the procedure of balancing. The mechanic puts the car on a balancing machine; each tire is spun around to see for imbalanced spots. These spots are then corrected by the use of lead weights. The tires go out of balance, the car pulls towards one side of the road and could cause an accident. Hence it is better to get the tires balanced once in a while or if you feel the car is pulling to one side.

Avoid going up on curbs or on gravelly roads. Bad driving also damages the car tires, so drive carefully.

Just follow the few tips of tire safety and your tires will remain good and your car safe.


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