Expert Advice to Keeping Cars in Great Condition

A car is a very important investment to most customers. Not only is it a vital part of transportation, but it’s the center of road trips, camping weekends, and everyday errands that we have to run.

Although cars begin to depreciate the second that they leave the dealership, it’s possible to keep a brand-new car running and looking brand new for a long time. Over time, the wear and tear of tens of thousands of miles can be avoided with the right schedule of maintenance.

While most people keep a pretty good schedule of regular maintenance with brake checks, and oil changes, there are a few things that end up overlooked when it comes to car maintenance. Here are some tips and tricks to keeping a car in top quality condition besides the basics of vehicle upkeep.

Tire Maintenance

The more a car is driven, the more worn out the tires are. Everybody gets that. It’s crucial to ensure proper and even wear amongst all four tires by performing tire rotations. This is not just a longevity issue with tires that wear down unevenly, but unbalanced tires can be a danger to drivers.

Most drivers understand the importance of tire rotations, but most may forget to ensure that their tires are inflated to the correct PSI. This is just as important to maintaining even wear across the tires with regular rotations. Check the PSI with the car manufacturer, not the tire manufacturer, and verify that the PSI of the tires match with the recommended PSI. If a tire is overinflated, it is more susceptible to damage from potholes, which could then damage the rim.

Changing Filters

Debris, metal shavings, and other grime build up in your car’s system and changing the oil filter and the oil change will make for a better-running car. Even in terms of comfort, changing the air filter lets your AC and heating system work better and more efficiently. Without having to exert more energy to push through layers of leaves and dirt, a clean air filter really helps your car. Your air filter also keeps dust and dirt from getting near your engine. It’s important to change it every 12 months. It goes a long way in car upkeep and ensures your vehicle lasts longer.

Changing an oil filer is also crucial in keeping your car close to brand new condition. Oil filters serve to sift out particles, metal shavings, and debris from your oil. Dirty oil filters allow these particles to run through your engine, causing damage. Enough damage accumulating over time could eventually result in engine failure. Every time you get your oil change, you should get the oil filter changed as well.

Auto Detailing

Getting regular maintenance on the engine and tires is critical in keeping your car in tip-top shape, but so is cosmetic maintenance. Auto detailing Columbus, the interior and exterior of a vehicle is an underrated method of preserving the quality of a vehicle. There are many nooks and crannies in which dirt and grime can build up. Think cup holders, door jambs, car door pockets, and dashboard. All the crevices in those features are accumulating dirt and dust over time. While it could be beneficial to use your own elbow grease to give the interior and exterior a good clean, it would be better to take it to a professional. When a vehicle is taken to a professional and dedicated automobile detailer, the correct cleaning solutions that will not erode paint, leather, or other upholstery materials.

A professional also has industry-grade cleaning equipment that can steam clean fabric upholstery and keep a car looking brand new. Nylon, micro suede and polyester are very common materials and compared to leather and vinyl, are materials that will very quickly accumulate and show dirt, so steam cleaning and vacuuming are critical parts of interior detailing. When it comes to leather, faux leather, and vinyl, regular upkeep is important to preventing cracks and deterioration of the material.

Exterior detailing is just as important as interior detailing. Rainfall and regular car washes don’t get certain parts of the car that need to be cleaned for superior upkeep, such as the underbody of the car—the chassis. The hubcaps and the rims need cleaning as well to prevent rusting, which will depreciate the value of the car.

If you’re planning to wash your car at home, be careful of the soaps you use. The paint on your car—although simply cosmetic—can reduce the overall value of your car if it’s chipped or fading. Furthermore, correctly applying wax to your car will help it shine like new and protect the paint from debris, rain, and dirt.

Ultimately, the key to maintaining the high value and top-quality condition of a vehicle lies in the details and regular maintenance. Ensuring that you’re changing filters regularly, rotating tires, and detailing both the interior and the exterior of the car will keep it looking and running new for as long as possible. But of course, don’t ignore the check engine light when it comes on. It’s better to bring the car into an auto shop as soon as possible and pay for a simple problem to keep the car in a high-quality condition than letting the problem complicate itself and cost you the investment you made in your vehicle.

The better care you take of a vehicle, the longer it will last. Protect your investment with careful and regular maintenance to keep it in an amazing condition for as long as possible.

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