JK Tyre 24-hour Performance Run – Video

JK Tyre took to the track this time for the JK Tyre 24-hour Performance Run. It takes a special type of eccentricism, to drive on a race track for 24-hours, this is what JK Tyre did with 2 Mercedes-Benz cars, all fitted with JK-Tyres UX1.

Have a look at the highlights with driver and expert views in our video.

The professional racers involved in JK Tyre 24-hour Performance RunDrive were – Mira Erda (India’s first female formula racer) and Diljith from JK Tyre Motorsport team as well as Bertrand D’souza, Abhay Verma, Simran Rastogi, and Rishabh Bhaskar. All the professional drivers were scheduled in for one-and-a-half hours of driving at a stretch, with everyone needing to put in two stints, or more.

The team was able to get an average speed of 91.67km/hr for 24 hrs, with 3:25 minute  AVERAGE lap time over 24 hours including breaks, driver changes, refueling, etc.  With all of this the team did 428 laps of the complete circuit covering 2200 km in total in 24 hours.


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