Top 5 recently launched High-Speed Electric 2-Wheelers

Transportation is a basic requirement of modern life, yet the traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) is fast becoming obsolete. Gasoline or diesel vehicles are highly polluting and are rapidly being replaced by fully electric vehicles. Electric Vehicles (EV) are more efficient, and this, combined with the cost of electricity, makes charging an electric vehicle cheaper than filling up on gas or diesel for your travel needs. The use of renewable energy sources can make the use of electric vehicles more environmentally friendly.

Electric Vehicles have lower maintenance requirements than conventional ICE vehicles. Governments and industry players are making efforts to improve public charging infrastructure, involving private and public agencies (BEE, EESL, PGCIL, NTPC, etc.). Many private enterprises are also installing EV charging stations to develop a viable charging network and gain consumer confidence.

Indian Government’s policy initiatives has accelerated the adoption of e-mobility – Hon’ble Road Transport and Highways Minister, Shri Nitin Gadkari outlined recently – 5,44,643 are electric two-wheelers while 54,252 electric four-wheelers. Attractive economics and push by government has already increased the demand for EVs substantially, and the industry is set to grow to USD 150 billion by 2030, according to estimates by RevFin Services – financial technology (FinTech) digital lending platform focused at increasing EVs’ adoption for under-banked & underserved. 

In the backdrop of the growing adoption of EVs, there is an increase traction in launches by brands; here we look at a few:-

Simple One: Simple is India’s first affordable premium electric vehicle from Bangalore. They recently launched an electric scooter called “ONE”. It has a range of 236 km on a single charge and accelerates from 0 to 40 km/h in just 2.77 seconds. The Simple Energy ‘One’ scooter has a practical range of about 190 km. The Simple Energy One scooter has a real-world range of around 190 kms.

Top 5 recently launched High-Speed Electric 2-Wheelers - Simple One

While the country is taking small steps towards electric mobility, Simple Energy also aims to contribute to this revolution. As they embark on this journey with the common goal of reducing our carbon footprint, Simple Energy aim to partner with like-minded people like us who can drive the electric revolution faster. Although the scooter has its own limitations and drawbacks in terms of product quality, it is today, nonetheless, the fastest and highest range of electric two-wheelers in India.

Oben Rorr: Oben is a passion driven company, focusing on building something which is consumer centric. They claim a range of 200km on its first electric vehicle, a motorcycle called ‘Rorr’. The Oben Rorr is equipped with a massive 4.4 kWh non-removable battery and has three driving modes: Eco, City and Havoc. The electric bike has a top speed of 70km ph. It has a neo-classical design with a round LED headlamp, an integrated LED DRL ring and a sturdy cover on top of the battery. What makes Rorr different is its performance, design and range.

Top 5 recently launched High-Speed Electric 2-Wheelers - Obe Rorr

The Oben logo is modeled after Eagle wing, which signifies leadership. The manufacturing facility is located in Bangalore, with the annual capacity of 3 Lakh vehicles.

HOP OXO: A team of passionate engineers, designers and marketers working towards a common goal of providing sustainable products and technologies in the everyday lives of ordinary people. HOP is building a next-generation New Energy Mobility ecosystem that will facilitate the transition to electric vehicles.

Top 5 recently launched High-Speed Electric 2-Wheelers - HOP OXO

HOP OXO with youthful and funky styling has streamlined bulb-type headlights, a curved integrated seat, and a slightly sharp body. OXO’s feature list includes LCD, regenerative braking, reverse assist, kickstand sensor, smartphone connectivity, anti-theft alarm, USB charging, Bluetooth and more. It also has a 3.75kWh lithium-ion battery pack combined with a 3kW motor. Also, three driving modes: Eco, Power and Sport. HOP OXO has a range of 150 km in ECO mode, with a top speed limited to 90 km/h. The specified charging time for HOP OXO is 5 hours. The company is developing a second generation intelligent battery and exchange station.

Ola S1 Pro: Ola claims to manufacture more than just electric vehicles. They are envisioning a change in mindset. It is the fundamental vision that feeds the Futurefactory. The Futurefactory is a symbol for people of a variety of experiences that gather to reach the impossible.

Top 5 recently launched High-Speed Electric 2-Wheelers - Ola S1

Ola S1 Pro has a 3.97kWh battery and boasts an ARAI-certified autonomy of 181km. The electric scooter has it’s four driving modes: Eco, Normal, Sport and Hyper. Ola states that the S1 Pro reaches a maximum speed of 116 km/h. In terms of functionality, you get a 7.0-inch touchscreen console with Bluetooth connectivity, browsing, music, cruise control, and more. As they rapidly expand to become world’s largest all-women plant, they are also investing strategically in training and upgrading basic manufacturing expertise for more than 10,000 women. Together, they created the plan to bring about a revolution in the hearts of billions of people around the world.

Ather 450X: Ather 450X has been one of the most capable electric scooters on the market for quite some time. But slowly and steadily competitors are catching up to the Bengaluru-based startup, and in terms of range numbers, many surpassed this second-generation 450X.

Top 5 recently launched High-Speed Electric 2-Wheelers - Ather 450X

In fact, one of the scooter’s limits was the 85km “true range” figure. That was enough to get the job done, but not enough to completely defeat the range anxiety. For the 450X Gen 3, Ather offers a larger battery pack (2.9 kWh to 3.7 kWh), increasing the actual range from 85 km to 105 km. Ather 450X doesn’t match the number of competitors, but it offers better customer service, build quality, and reliability than most of the competition.


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