Renault Kiger SUV Showcased

Renault Kiger SUVRenault Kiger SUV, An all-new Sub 4-meter SUV/Crossover which is scheduled to launch in the coming months in India has been showcased. The global product would be first launched in India followed by other markets. It is based on the CMFA+ platform similar to the soon to launch Nissan Magnite. We recently drove the Nissan Magnite, have a look at our review.

Renault Kiger SUV shares the engine options as available in Magnite. It will carry over the same 1-litre naturally aspirated petrol engine with 72PS power and 96Nm of Torque mated to a 5 speed manual transmission. The second engine option is the turbocharged variant of the same 1-liter engine with 100PS power and 160Nm of Torque mated to a 5 speed manual and a 7 step CVT transmission. 

Renault Kiger SUV is Sporty, Masculine and Modern. It stands above the current design trend in the SUV segment as exemplified by the KIGER show car. Renault KIGER will be the latest in the line of revolutionary products launched by Renault in India. Renault KIGER show car is a collaboration between the Corporate design teams in France and Renault India design. Like all Renault cars, KIGER show car has a distinct, attractive design and showcases both urban modernity and its outdoor ability. The body color of Renault KIGER show car shows mysteriously changing blue and purple hues, depending on the angle and light. Efficient and compact, Renault KIGER show car has sporty inspirations and an impressive and impactful two-level lighting.

It will have about 80% similarity to the show car in terms of design, indicating the bold style statement that Renault plans to make with this new launch. Renault KIGER will come loaded with several smart attributes & features which will include some best-in-class offerings that will complement the design and styling of the car.

Renault KIGER SUV show car has sporty inspirations. Elements like the double central exhaust system, the double extractor, the hexagonal structure accentuate this sporty side. At the same time, numerous design elements of this show car accentuate its SUV adventurous side including the 19” wheels with heavily grooved tyres, roof rails, front and rear skid plates and 210mm ground clearance.

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