Tire Guide 101: Choosing the Best Snow Tires for Your Pickup

Snow Tires
Tire Guide 101: Choosing the Best Snow Tires for Your Pickup

Before we enter the winter season, you will be bombarded with winter tire ads that urge you to drop everything and choose the best snow tire for your pickup. Whether you trust a regular service provider or like to research on your own about what’s best for your pickup, you will need guidance to understand everything there is to choosing the best snow tires. People living in regions where people experience icy cold winters throughout the year understand the need for snow tires and why one should choose them before the season is out.

For convenience, we have shared all the important information in this article so that choosing the best snow tire becomes easy for everyone out there. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

Understanding snow tires and how they function

Winter tires, or snow tires, are considered necessary to get enhanced traction when you drive your pickup down an icy road. The best snow tires are designed and manufactured to withstand severe winter conditions, which include:

  • Snow
  • Freezing rain
  • Slush etc.

Common tires are no match for the severe cold temperatures, and if you plan to drive frequently in such weather, then you must have the best snow tires to help you out. There are several aspects to keep in mind when you set out to choose the perfect winter tires for your pickup. In the following, we have shared the most important considerations to help you choose the best snow tire ever for your pickup.

  1. Tire size

Once you have started your search, the first thing to consider is the tire size. Checking the pricing and availability for any type of snow tire comes after you determine the right size. Getting the tire size right is necessary for a comfortable drive during the harsh winter season when the road turns icy cold. If you have chosen the right size of snow tires for your pickup, then you will be able to drive on both wet and icy surfaces.

  1. Tread design

After a snow tire’s right size, the next important consideration for buyers is checking the tread designs. Depending on the tread design, the best snow tires can provide you with far better traction and all-over control over your pickup despite snow or slush. A wide-tread tire obviously displays different features than other alternative tread designs currently available. All types of winter tires have a specialized tread compound that has been tested and carefully designed to offer better performance during harsh winter conditions.

  1. Price differences

Once you have considered all of the physical elements of choosing the best snow tire for your pickup, you can proceed to check the prices and buy something budget-friendly. Buying a new set of snow tires is an entirely economic decision to make before the winter season sets in and raises their overall market prices. Nowadays, it is easy to find a budget-friendly option because there are various websites that offer free and easy price comparisons for all kinds of tires, including snow.

  1. Availability options

Availability is another factor that impacts people’s decisions to buy the best snow tires for their pickup. Experts recommend beginning your search and making a purchase even before the winter season starts to avoid availability-related problems. Once the cold winter sets in, all of the best-selling snow tires are purchased from dealers (both online and offline) and there is nothing left to purchase. If you do not wish to end up empty-handed, make sure to start your search for the best snow tire early and purchase it during the offseason.

  1. Learn about braking and handling

Tire experts say that snow tires greatly affect handling and braking every single time. While snow tires are meant to stay in control even during the harshest days of the winter season, you must be able to handle the kind of tires you buy. One can easily cut through the confusion if one asks the right questions before making a purchase. Investing in a good quality snow tire would be fruitless if the sales representative didn’t know what sort of driving you were expected to do during the winter season.

  1. Know the road you drive on

The most important consideration to make before buying any type of specialized tire is to understand the kind of roads you will be using it on. Whether you drive mainly on side roads, highways, or city roads, they have an immense role to play in determining the right kind of snow tires you should buy. It is only natural to invest in a high-quality tire if you plan to drive a lot in a compact car or even your pickup.


Picking the best snow tire for your pickup does not have to be a headache if you gain insights from the aforementioned information. Make sure to compare their performances to make an informed decision in the end.


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